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Saltos del Navia Environmental Policy


SALTOS DEL NAVIA, C.B. is a power company that recognizes the influence that its activities have on the environment and undertakes to promote and encourage pollution prevention by involving employees in environmental management.

It is committed to developing its activities with all the due respect for the environment and to continually improve environmental practices. With this objective in mind, it has implemented an Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004.

The Company Property Board responsible for the environmental management of the company's Environmental Policy, is defined by setting out the following commitments:
  1. Continuous improvement of environmental management systems (EMS), optimizing both material and human resources, aimed at the prevention of pollution at all times.

  2. Provide appropriate training to company staff and encourage the development of good environmental practices at work. Involve all members of the organization in achieving the set objectives, making them participants in the process of continuous improvement.

  3. Compliance with the applicable environmental legislation, as well as other assumed voluntarily environmental requirements, ensuring that suppliers meet the environmental requirements demanded by Saltos del Navia.

  4. Define and review the objectives and targets established in the pursuance of this policy, checking periodically the effectiveness and adequacy of the EMS, in order to improve and adapt to the changing conditions of the organization.

  5. Communicate to the Company in general about our commitment in protecting the environment by making this Environmental Policy available to anyone who requests it.